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Hello! I'm Dhruv

a Fullstack Developer, a digital nomad, startup enthusiast

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Front-end development

Starting from HTML5, CSS and JaveScript to Modern JS Front-end framework React and Vue. I have 2 years of production experiance of working with react, redux, react-router, ampersandjs. Past experiance includes Amber.js and Angular.js

Mobile Development

I am using React-Native and Ionic Framework to build cross platform mobile apps. In past I worked with Google Maps SDK, Twillio, Firebase and Facebook SDK with React Native, Published app using Material design, React Elements library.

Back-end development

Used Ruby on Rails with Redis and Postgresql, Made a secure restful api with distibuted system. Email SDK, Analytics tools and backend unit and E2E testing in ruby. Angular and NodeJS based backend with Paypal and Stripe API.

Public Profiles

Get Power with Tech

Tailored Software Solutions with Exceptional Performance.

With experiance from Idea to Product, from wireframe to last push on github. I can help as a individual or part of a team to build successful product and services.

Call me on +1-415-794-6778

From Idea to Product portfolio

Past Work / Clients


Built on React-Native with Twillio, Firebase, GoogleMaps and Heroku. A Realtime call and location functionalities.

Corax Cyber

Worked as a fulltime employee (employee #1) for 3 years. Built with Restful api on Rails with react Front-end.


Consulting on

Wireframe designs, App development, Back-end architecture, Custom library solutions, DevOps solutions

per hour
All you can eat offer
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Managed Cloud + Continues Integration
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Automated Testing

Apps and Frameworks

Ruby on Rails, Django, ExpressJS, React, React Native, AngularJs, Sails JS, Serverless, Firebase API + Functions

Version + Env + Cloud Support

Github, Gitlab for versioning. Default Production, Test, Development env. Aws, Azure, Google cloud , Digital Ocean support.

Continue Integration

Github, Webhooks, Heroku, CircleI, Jenkins, Bamboo, GoCD

Database Design

MongoDb, NoSql, MySQL, Postgresql, DynamoDB, Firebase FireStore, Amazon Neptune, AWS RDS

Robust Testing

Jest, Mocha, Chai, Enzyme, Rspec, Minitest, Unit tests.

Ontime Delivery

Hands on experiance with Ruby on Rails, React, Redux, React Native, NodeJS, Django on production.